Liebe Alumni – Dear Alumni: We want to hear from you!

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A decade ago, we started our first sustainability course at FAU WiSo, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. Since then, thousands of students have been a part of our classes and hundreds from the Bachelor and Master programs chose to write their thesis with us.

Our students are our real strength, and over these years, many have gone on to make a career in sustainability, assumed important management roles in leading companies and have collaborated with us.

We want to initiate the next decade by intensifying our engagement with our Alumni. And to do so, we are delighted to launch our ’10th Anniversary Alumni Survey‘ – to learn from them about the latest sustainability trends, futureskills and feedback on their time with us.

So…….If you have studied with us in the last ten years, we would love to hear from you! You are invited to access the survey via:

We also encourage you to share it with those who attended our classes with you. Get the word out and help us re-connect with our alumni.

Spread the word!