Special Issue „Corporate Sustainability meets Transdisciplinarity“

Warum ist es wichtig, gemeinsam mit der Praxis oder anderen Stakeholdern Forschungsfrage zu entwickeln? Warum hat dies besondere Relevanz im Kontext  des Nachhaltigkeitsmanagements? Diese und andere Fragen werden im Rahmen des von Stefan Schaltegger, Markus Beckmann und Erik G. Hansen herausgegebenen Special Issues der renommierten Nachhaltigkeitsjournals „Business Stragey and the Enviornment“.

Hier ein kleiner Vorgeschmack aus dem einleitenden Text der Herausgeber:

„The contribution of corporate sustainability to sustainable development is a complex challenge dealing with a multitude of more or, often, less specified sustainability issues in the organization and beyond, along the entire value chain and across various dimensions (economic, social, ecological). In the face of this complexity, it is widely acknowledged that no single actor can ‘win the race against unsustainability’– cooperation is necessary to tap diverse bodies of knowledge, bundle resources, organize collaborative processes and create socially robust solutions.

While various approaches have been developed in management research to increase interaction (e.g. engaged scholarship; action research), one of the most ambitious endeavors for creating more participative research processes has developed under the notion of ‘transdisciplinary research’ from a theoretical idea (Jantsch, 1970) to mainstream practice in the emerging field of sustainability science (Lang et al., 2012). Can this emerging research method inspire the field of corporate sustainability?“ (Schaltegger, Beckmann, und Hansen, 2013, p. 217).

In diesem Special Issue finden sich folgende Artikel, die auf der Seite des Journals heruntergeladen werden können.

  • Mapping the Field by Stefan Schaltegger, Markus Beckmann and Erik G. Hansen
  • Study of Sustainable Enterprise by Paul Shrivastava, Silvester Ivanaj and Sybil Persson
  • Transdisciplinary Research in Sustainable Operations – An Application to Closed-Loop Supply Chains  by Ramin Sahamie, Dennis Stindt and Christian Nuss
  • A Transdisciplinary Exploratory Model of Corporate Responses to the Challenges of Environmental Sustainability by Steve Elliot